Monday, May 16, 2011

Superdog- part 1

Right now you are reading a 3-part series of a segment I like to call, super dog. On each part I will talk about a dog living today or that died recently that have done or lived with something that many dogs do not go through. Today I am going to talk about a two legged dog named Faith.

Faith was "found abandoned with his litter mates on the side of a road in central Florida", says Los Angeles Times. Unlike his siblings, he was born with only 2 legs. Faith has visited many places, even the Oprah Winfrey show, and has touched many people's lives. Faith was born for a reason! If you would like to know more about this 2 legged dog, you can go to... or..., and search "Faith"

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dog purposes

Around twelve thousand years ago, in a way that no one can figure out, wolves slowing domesticated into the dogs of today. Dogs were used for hunting, fighting, pulling sleds, and today are trained to do things that prove how intelligent dogs can be. No matter if its work, or help, people that work with dogs always end up having a deep connection with the dog, which tells people that dogs will always be a man’s best friend. Dogs will know when someone is sad, excited, angry, or mad. People don’t just use dogs for work and help, but dogs are a man’s best friend. They can be trained to do the most amazing things, like pulling wheelchairs, jumping through a ring of fire, playing dead, and shaking hands. Dogs also serve a huge role through history, and were used in some sort of way throughout the whole world. Understanding their feelings might be difficult, but in some ways we can tell what they are feeling. But best of all, there may not always be a person by your side to help you all the time, and when you have a dog, they will be there almost all the time. Dogs are used in so many ways, and it doesn’t take long to make a dog the best it could possibly be.

Through history, dogs were not mentioned too many times, but dogs have played an extremely important role. During ancient Egyptian times, dogs have done many things that helped the pharaoh and higher class Egyptians. Large, muscular dogs were trained for warfare. One Egyptian god was a dog-named Anubis. As years went by, dogs were trained to fight other animals as a way of entertainment. They were trained to fight rats and people gambled on who would win. Also, when tribes started migrating to other countries, people used dogs for playing, hunting, and guarding. Dogs were used in the north too. North dogs were trained to pull sleds and toboggans as a way of getting around. Dogs have played a very important role throughout the years, and still do to this day.

History and today shows us how smart dogs are and how many things we can use them for. Through years of training, dogs can be used to help the deaf, blind, and people with disabilities. Dogs are trained to help people with these disabilities all in different ways. Seeing Eye dogs help the blind find their way around. These dogs can lead blind people through busy streets, crosswalks, and trains or buses. While there are dogs that help the blind, other dogs are able to help the deaf in different ways. These dogs, called hearing dogs, can alert the deaf to sounds like doorbells, alarms, or cries. Other dogs called service dogs help people with physical disabilities. Service dogs can pull wheelchairs, open doors, retrieve dropped items, and help people who have trouble balancing. Without these dogs, the deaf, blind, and people with disabilities wouldn’t be able to do the things that seem easy to us in everyday life.

Dogs do so many things for us, but we never know what they are feeling. Through body language, we can tell dogs’ emotions. In some situations, we know when our dog is scared; like when it hears loud noises, or is yelled at because of disobedience. But if a dog is really scared, we would be able to tell by looking at their body language. When a dog is scared, it might flinch when someone goes to pet it, or it would be shaking. The dog’s tail also might be tucked between its legs. We can also figure out when a dog feels anxiety. Research says that’s dogs whine when they feel anxiety, and their tail would be partially lowered. Through my own experience, when my dog feels anxiety she would whine and follow me everywhere I go, her mouth would be closed, and her ears would be held back. Another behavior is aggression. When a dog has aggressive behavior, the dog is growling or barking, and its ears are held very far back. Studies also say that the dog would be holding its tail out, and its body would be very tense. Through this body language, we can tell what a dog is feeling.

Dogs help us endlessly with help and work. Sometimes people don't realize how important dogs are, and abuse them with violent and bloody games. But the people that knows and sees the things that dogs do for us are always there to help with shelters and street dogs, and dogs help people with the same love that we give them. A dog's love is contagious, through my own experience. Almost instantly, the owner becomes hooked to the dog. After years and years, the dog and owner almost understand each other, and are truly best friends. When I first got my dog, I just admired how cute it was. Right now, my dog and I need each other no matter what. I take my dog for walks, I play games with her, and I’m always there to give her special attention. My dog gives me comfort, and endless love. My dog is always there when I need someone to talk to, and although she doesn’t understand what I’m saying, she can tell what my emotion is. This is for everyone, even the dogs that help the blind and deaf; there will always be a bond between them. Dogs will never leave humans' lives and humans will never leave dogs' lives. The bond between humans and dogs will last forever.